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Our Company

Founded in 2009 and based in Heraklion Crete, SCEP is a full service event planning business focused on the growing need of institutions and private companies to expand their activities in educational, scientific and cultural events.

Its main goal is to deliver state of the art services, while treating every client in a unique and personalized way in order to provide them with numerous targeted options and solutions for a guaranteed result.

The manpower of SCEP plays a pivotal role in its success. A very qualified and dedicated staff specialized to offer their expertise in order to achieve and surpass every client’s need. Surrounded by a large network of qualified collaborators, with state of the art technology and constant drive for growth and education, our staff ensures success while remaining loyal to every client’s s vision.

Our business is focused on every type of event, from personal to corporate, and within its grounds is able to offer suitable budgetary options in order to cover every clients need.

Our Services

Logistical & financial management
Accommodation and travel services
Marketing and Promotion
Programming, sponsorship and exhibition management
Resourcing for the venues
Event registration
Social event services
Sponsorship exhibition

SCEP maintains a professional and interactive profile with every client. We strongly feel that our values and integrity allow us to be considered as a highly competitive business within our field.