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Audiovisual Equipment

Our office partners with a team of specialized audiovisual professionals to cover the technical demands of any event. We supply
you with cutting edge technology and are equipped to resolve any technical challenge that may arise during the course of your
event, as we are at your side throughout the duration of the event.

Audiovisual coverage and technical support

• Audio equipment
• Projective equipment
• Lighting
• Image & sound reception system
• Codification of material either hardcopy or soft copy
• Translation equipment
• Projection of e-posters
• Technical support
• Live

Videoconference gives you the opportunity to communicate, in real time, with people who are in two or more different places. This type of communication involves video, sound and data exchange, thus simulating face to face interaction.

Barcode System
Via our up to date Barcode system, not only can you achieve full control of the flow of the conference at any time, but you can also monitor the turnout of the conferrers. At the completion of the conference you have a complete view concerning the time of attendance per conferrer, a statistical analysis of attendance per speaker, delivery of attendance certificates with no waiting time, in accordance to the conferrers’ time of attendance.

Live Streaming
With this service, your event can be broadcasted live via the internet. Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular these days since it maximizes the revenue potential of a conference, by allowing conferrers to remotely attend and participate in the event.
Live streaming will save you time, space and ultimately optimize the cost and revenue of your event, while enhancing the conference experience for your attendees.